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 TFlab - We develop your idea

TFlab is a develop company with a vision "develop your potential".
Since 2000 we support individuals, teams and organizations by offering innovative solutions made with our skills.
We are pleased to work with Public, Private company and No Profit associations.
We are able to bring your idea and develop it for you with the correct technology roadmap.
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TFlab provide project management, consultancy, software, support, translation and debugging of your software.
We are at support of international company that want to reach the Italian marketing or have a special event to realize in our Country.
We work in strict with your managing, marketing or ict department to satisfy all your needs.
We have a special organization... flexible and ready for any use!
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TFlab take care to satisfy your needs.
When, it's not a problem... Our organizations, made of various professionists in Italy, can comply with your development process each 24 hours and all 7 day week.
This flexibility is possible because we have a unique goal to reach: satisfy our Client and make our Client growing up with us!
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TFlab doesn't have a stable location.
We can meet our Clients on-site or giving a special meeting location in an Airport, Hotel, Congress room or Co-working Office.
Then, we are able to meet you whatever you want, just call us or write us!
All the others days we use collaborative and project management software reserved to our organization and our Clients.
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TFlab want to change the job methods, we want to have the flesibility to create a special group of experts for a special Client's request.
Then we need to have an open organization made by world of mouth and reputation of its professionists and experts in all matters.
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